Where do you find inspiration? Do you find it in the trees? Is it in the words you hear? Is it in the people you meet? Is it a child’s laugh?

Lately I feel like I have been on a quest, more than normal, to find inspiration. I have this feeling that I should be doing great things with my life, but I just don’t know what yet. [Let me be clear here. I do think that I have a full happy life. I have a wonderful family and children, but I have always thought I am supposed to do something and I haven’t quite found it yet. In truth I have always been a seeker and probably always will be.]

I haven’t written in a while and since I’m sick in bed, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to write. I want to share some of the places I have been finding inspiration.

1.) The Rich Roll Podcast– If you have never heard of this you should tune in. It is free on iTunes and will always be free. Rich interviews all sorts of people on a weekly basis. He wants people to find and unleash their true authentic selves and he brings guests on to inspire you to do that.

2.) Ted Talks– I have a side business and I am in education. There are tons of talks about both subjects and how to lead. These are short videos that you can watch online or on YouTube.

3.) I’ve been reading Deepak Chopra‘s Buddha. I have already read Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha and they are very similar, but I love the story of Buddha. I find him very inspiring.

4.) I’m that Girl is a non-profit organization that is a community, a support system, and a movement inspiring girls to Love, Express, and Be who they are.

5.) Melinda Alexander-MuMu Mansion– This is a fellow Stella & Dot stylist that I have never met, but is so inspiring to me. She writes amazing things on her FB page that inspires women to love who they are no matter what they look like, embrace what God gave them, and find their style.

6.) Steve Jobs– I just watched the movie on Netflix about Jobs last night. I have never really given him a thought before, but I like technology and I like Apple so I decided to watch the movie. Let me tell you, the guy was a jerk, but sooooo inspiring in how he viewed business. It wasn’t about the product. It was about the people for him. Apple always markets the why and not the what. I never thought of it before last night but it is true.

There are probably a dozen other things that I could say inspire me because the list is growing bigger every day, but this is a good start. For those of you that need a pick me up or need some inspiration yourself, check these out.

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My Sacred Yoga Tuesdays

I understand that everyone might not be into yoga, but you will understand this concept. Every tuesday at 8pm you will find me at my local LA Fitness in the yoga class. This is sacred to me. I hate to miss and when I do I feel it. My body has become accustomed to the feeling and rhythms of the class and when I cannot attend my body reacts negatively.

Some people my find it selfish of me to leave my family and do this every tuesday. Some people have their own thing they do to unwind. Some people are in desperate need to find something like my yoga class, because they need a release too.

It doesn’t have to be yoga. It can be a walk in the neighborhood. It can be taking a class at church. It can be mindfully watering your garden. I recommend it be something that is physical or mindful. Either way your body will benefit from your activity in a positive way.

Having something you do for yourself on a regular basis is important. You need to be selfish just a little bit to keep your body in check and get the release you need. My whole family knows and understands about 8pm on tuesdays. They help work with me so that someone is home to watch my kids.

My husband’s activity is hockey. It is more demanding than yoga, but once a week he goes out and plays with a group of guys for fun. He has been much happier since he started doing this.

So what is your sacred activity that is only for you? If you don’t have one what would you like to do? Think about it. This little act could be a game changer!


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Eggless Tofu Salad

Had to share this recipe. I used to love tuna. I have already shared my chickpea version, but variety is a good thing.So check out Vegan Flavorista’s Tofu Tuna recipe here.

Melanie daPonte


This is a quick and easy sandwich filling and certainly one of my husband Steve’s favorites. He’s what I lovingly refer to as a “meat and potatoes” vegan, and so am I, to some extent. We were both raised on the standard American diet which included familiar lunchbox staples such as tuna fish, chicken and egg salad sandwiches. We like veganized versions of homestyle, familiar dishes we grew up on as well as some of the more modern veggie dishes.

Interesting thing about these fillings, they are all made pretty much the same. This recipe is adaptable to chicken substitutes like soy curls and seitan and also mashed chickpeas that can stand in for tuna fish.

So this is my version, and I think it’s pretty darn close to the original in terms of flavor. I like a few high notes–sweet relish, tangy onion, crunchy celery and lots of black…

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Recipe – Brussel Sprout Chips with Tuscan Herb Salt and Lemon

Guest blog-yet another way to eat your veggies! I love brussel sprouts.


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Meatless Monday: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites (GF)(V)

I must try this!


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My training goals for 2014

Happy New Year everyone! It is time to start thinking about signing up for races for the upcoming year. Signing up now will get you early bird prices and when you run more than one race you may want the cheaper rates. So far my husband and I have signed up for the Detroit Half Marathon in the fall and a half marathon in Northern Michigan in the spring. He has never run a half marathon before and he signed up for two in one year! I’m happy because he can run with me and I think it will be a great experience.
My husband is a swimmer by nature and I am more of the runner, even though I am a work in progress. A few years back we started dabbling in sprint triathlons. Last summer he competed in two and I competed in one sprint tri. We fell in love with triathlon and we are going to sign up for a few of those this summer as well!

In an earlier post I wrote about some Ironman and Ultraman heroes that I have and I look to them for guidance. Especially with diet. All of my athletic heroes are vegan and have outstanding performances in grueling races. I have been thumbing through Brendan Brazier’s book called Thrive and I’m going to start incorporating more of his recipes into my training.

My body responds well to a raw food diet. I like eating salads, smoothies, nuts, fruits, and vegetables throughout each day. I am so used to it that I feel full and satisfied. If your New Year’s resolution includes eating healthier, please let me recommend clean eating. Don’t eat processed foods. Drink more water. Cut down or cut out the amount of meat you consume. Eat more fruits and veggies, the greener the better. I am going to incorporate more juices in the New Year and maybe even a cleanse to jump start my clean start after the holiday season.



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Thanksgiving food ideas for the visiting vegan

Some of you may not know what to serve someone at Thanksgiving who is vegan or vegetarian. This post is for you. I get asked frequently what do I eat for the holidays and I have to tell you it isn’t all that different than everyone else. I eat mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, and stuffed squash. Sometimes we serve a fake turkey substitute and sometimes we don’t. Many dishes can be easily made vegan by substituting rice or soy milk for cow milk, vegan margarine for butter, and mushroom gravy for the meat gravy. Thanksgiving is all about the sides for most vegans.

I have put together a list of links to great vegan recipes for you to check out if find yourself wondering what to make for the visiting vegan in your life. It doesn’t have to be difficult. The simpler the better. You might even find that these recipes are better than some of your traditional dishes. So give them a try and see what you think.

Gluten free vegan stuffing from Rich Roll
Vegan meatless loaf from the Fat Free Vegan
Various dishes from breakfast to dinner for a vegan thanksgiving from the Plant Powered Kitchen
More recipes for several vegan dishes from the Veg Kitchen


Photo source: Creative Commons John Eckman on Flickr


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Spin class. What a whirl!

Recently I joined a gym and started going to spin classes. Oh my! If you have never gone to one let me tell you, it takes a certain person to actually like those classes. I realized halfway through my first experience that I am one of those people, but it may or may not be for you. These classes are crazy. I don’t even understand why those bikes even have seats. You are never sitting down on them! It was the best workout I have had in a while. We did sprints and hills, isometrics, and even push ups all while cycling. It was the craziest class and super hard, but I loved it.

In the summer I train for sprint triathlons and I was hoping that this spin class would help me maintain through the winter. Based on what I have experienced thus far in these spin classes, I firmly believe I will kick butt in June. I ran a 8k race a few weeks ago and felt faster than I ever have before. I have been working out often and I do more than spin, but I think that spin is helping strengthen my leg muscles.
I love spinning and if you have never tried it and it interests you, I couldn’t recommend it more. Go ahead and give it a whirl!

Photo credit: Creative Commons Johnny G on Wikipedia

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Yoga Cards for Young Kids

I purchased a set yoga cards for my kids to give them something to focus on when I do yoga in the living room. Each card has a picture of a simple pose and you can arrange them into a series. They are simple enough for my 5 year old to follow them but I can read the back to figure out the pose as well. It has been great to see my two children share the cards with each other and take turns choosing poses. My daughter is 2 and loves to try poses. It is never too early to do yoga and it helps my kids get their wiggles out before bed or calm their breathing when they are upset. If you have children I highly recommend them. My son received a yoga mat for his birthday and he loves it.


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My Humble Attempt at Melon Basil Summer Rolls

I found a new website, Golubka, which is amazing! The food, the photography, and the message is all beautiful. I saw this recipe for Melon Basil Summer rolls and decided to try to make them. They are delicious! I didn’t make the tamarind dipping sauce because I just can’t seem to find tamarind paste, but I don’t think you are missing anything, because the rolls are amazing on their own. I really think the basil is the key ingredient. I’m a huge fan of basil myself and I often tear it up on my salads along with the lettuce.

Here what mine looked like.


I actually didn’t eat them right away either. I put them in the fridge overnight uncovered and then ate them for lunch the next day.

I highly commend this recipe and please check out the rest of the Golubka site. The other recipes look amazing and I am looking forward to making more of it.


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